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"Friends are not a luxury, they're a necessity"

"We use the magic of friendship to create a
community where people with disabilities are
accepted, included,and celebrated."

Welcome to 


Friendship Circle creates inclusive friendships between people with and without disabilities through over-the-top fun that fosters every individual's unique abilities. 

Why Friendship?

 One in four people have a disability, and too often, that means a life of isolation and loneliness without a meaningful way to contribute to the community around them. We’re not down with that. We believe that friendship is not a luxury and that every individual has unlimited potential and so much to give and teach. 


Through our program Friends@Home people with disabilities experience pure friendship and acceptance from typical peers, and volunteers learn to appreciate differences and see their inherent value and the value of every person they encounter.

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Open to all

We are open to families and individuals of all ages & religious backgrounds

      Volunteer Based

Our vast community of volunteers help make all of

our programs and friendships possible


Thanks to our donors we are able to help so many people experience Friendship

I want to join the circle 


We are open to all families and individuals regardless of race, ethnicity, faith or background.

a volunteer

and make a difference in someones life

a family

experiance pure friendship


a supporter

and facilitate friendship and inclusion

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